Mr. Portrait Bio

Welcome to!
This is Richard Jacobsen's portfolio website to display my talent and expertize.

Where did you get the name "Mr. Portrait"?
I started utilizing my artistic talents back in 1999 doing hand painted lettering and pinstriping, and air brushed murals on the side of Semi Trucks. During this time I used the CB Radio to advertise my business, and over a period of time I became known as "Mr. Portrait" because I was so good at what I did, and am a talented portrait artist. The name stuck, and back in 2000 I opened my sign shop in Hubbard, Ohio named "Mr. Portrait's Sign Shop". Since then I just carry the name as it describes me, and my business, very well.

I am located in New Albany, IN, just across the river from Louisville, KY.

What do I do?
What I offer is custom web design and development, and advanced Flash design, development, and animation. I have been doing working in the field now for over 14 years, and graduated from ITT Technical Institute with my Bachelors Degree in 3d Game Design & Web/Application Development in 2010. I take a lot of pride in the work I do, and strive to attain the very best quality.