I have been working doing web design and development now for close to 10 years. I began working in web back between 2000 and 2006 when I owned a sign shop in northeast Ohio. I would do extensive web packages for local and long distance clients that would include a website for their company, business cards, and logos.

In 2006 I came to work for Mediak in southern Indiana doing web development. While with Mediak I have worked in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Object Oriented Programming, and I have limited knowledge in Apache and Linux configurations. While I have messed around with Macintosh/Apple computers a little, my true expertise is in Windows based machines. I have an extensive knowledge in computers, can troubleshoot in depth problems with ease, and can keep them running extremely smooth

While at Mediak, I created a website template for their dealers that allows them to offer website packages to them at extremely reasonable rates. I currently maintain 50+ websites for dealers, as well as the various websites Mediak has.